What is »BuB«?

»BuB – Forum Bibliothek und Information« is the most important professional journal for anyone working in the German-speaking field of information provision. A highly competent and professional editorial team works together with authors to produce essays, commentaries, discussion forums, interviews, field reports and news about public, academic and special librarianship as well as closely related areas of educational and cultural politics. Along with librarians and information experts its contributors also include university scholars, politicians, writers and journalists. For these reasons »BuB« is an essential source of information for librarians.


What makes »BuB« different from other professional library journals?

»BuB« is the most widely distributed and interdisciplinary professional journal for the field of library and Information science in German-speaking countries. It is published ten times per year (with double-issues in February/March and in August/September) and is the only library journal in Germany with an IVW-verified print-run. With »BuB« you will reach more readers in this sector than with any other comparable journal. The current distribution per issue (4th quarter, 2017) is 7,477 copies ivw_logo_ALLGEMEIN_sw_01. Our paid circulation per issue is currently at over 90%.


Who reads »BuB«?

In addition to the over 5,700 members of the Association Information Library (BIB), who receive the journal as part of their membership fees, »BuB« is subscribed to by libraries in Germany and abroad, by educational institutions and political policy-makers. In this way our advertising partners reach those who make decisions for libraries — both for public libraries and for more than 2,500 academic librarians — precisely at each library‘s level of decision-making for products and services. At professional events such as Germany‘s annual library conference or at the Frankfurt Book Fair copies of »BuB« are made available to participants thanks to a higher print-run. With your advertisement in »BuB« you will directly target the most important and relevant customers in the library field.